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I rented Planet Earth!

Who wants to rock out tonight and watch it with almost expired conbini bento?


Mar. 25th, 2016 08:14 am
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Hello everyone!

Postponing the exciting documentary event for an even MORE exciting event.

With all of the amazing things happening at Nationals, we want to participate with our teams too. So, on Saturday, NeNoDa and Rakujo will gather in the park to give:


Come get your hugs from our team members and feel encouraged by our warmth :)
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Last night I was feeling very daring and, instead of water, I made my instant oatmeal with milk. I highly recommend it as a movie-watching treat! It made the history channel's How the Earth Was Made that much more exciting.

Would anyone else be interested in a documentary-viewing party?
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I've been enjoying everyone's hard work at the festival. It's really amazing what the powers of friendship and creativity can do together.

I could look at these rocks by the river forever.

Or at least until Thursday. Ha ha ha!
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Banji heeded our request for an updated picture. He even sent it in a beautiful frame with his signature. There's a matching one for you too!

We don't have to share anymore. We can each have one with our names on it...but maybe we can switch occasionally so I can have both your name and Banji on my nightstand.


Also, would anyone like some onigiri? I bought 16 that were just marked down. Most of them aren't even expired yet.
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Masami, I dreamed that I was using a couples umbrella by myself. It's just past midnight and I miss you a lot.

I love my family but I feel like we've been apart too long.


Nov. 2nd, 2015 08:11 am
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I hope everyone had a spectacular Halloween. Everyone's costumes looked amazing!

My Halloween didn't exactly go according to plan, but I wouldn't have it any other way. Masami and I decided to meet in the park, but I didn't recognize him because he wasn't wearing the costume that I expected.

We had decided to be salt and pepper. But I didn't ask which because I thought that Masami knew that he is unquestionably the spice of my life. Unfortunately, he didn't, so when our lights finally shined on each other at 2am, we realized that we had both dressed up as salt.

When we finally made it to the party, it was nice to hold Masami's hand on the dance floor. But since it was dark I had to keep shining the light on his face to make sure it was still Masami.


Oct. 4th, 2015 09:52 am
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I'm so thankful for the amazing match with Rakujo today. I got to play Masami. He's as sterling an opponent as ever. I can't believe every game in three sets went to tiebreak!

But yeah, I got to spend four hours hitting Masami's balls on Johoga's court. Best day ever.

(ooc: Longest and most boring tennis match ever. Please feel free to complain if you had to watch it)
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Back to enjoy another year in Toyama City. The stores near Momo Hall have been very welcoming with special sales for students. I recommend tofu and eggs. Unfortunately, Nenoda has been a little less welcoming. But more welcoming than the previous two years. I have high hopes for next year.




It looks like I'm Minamu this year. They don't want to issue a correction. Oh well, let's do our best to enjoy this year all the same.

(ooc: ...Please feel free for your character to forget who he is and start calling him "Minamu". Or if they wouldn't know him at all, just start doing so XD)


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